A Failure of Parenting

One of Amy Alkon’s crusades (Or should we start calling them jihads now? Crusades are so 13th century after all!) is against adults behaving stupidly and not properly raising their children. Now, she’s not a parent herself and sometimes seems to have quite the chip on her shoulder about children, but most of the time she’s spot-on in diagnosing problems that are due to negligent parenting and not simple kid behavior. 

So it was with great interest that I read the linked article, above, which is a followup to an article that describes the absolutely disgusting federal persecution of an American entrepreneur. In it, she’s quoted a doctor, who not only is totally unsympathetic to the problems of people caught by vicious regulatory thugs, but is actually PROUD that he set the jackboots upon another person’s neck. Why? Because toddlers don’t read warning labels. Well DUH they don’t! If you find that in your locality there are an awful lot of REALLY STUPID PARENTS who let their children play with powerful ball-shaped magnets – let me tell you, every parent of my acquaintance won’t even leave their toddler alone in the same room with a grape and takes great care to cut hot dog slices into half-moons rather than circles – well, maybe you should start asking them what parenting media they watch (they probably don’t read if they’re dumb enough to let their toddler play with small magnets) and sponsor a warning ad against small objects in general and small magnets in particular. Or ask the Buckyballs company to do so – as part of their advertising. I’m sure they would have. Nooooo, instead “these parents are stupid and careless!” became “Inform the regulatory thugs and get them to shut down this company and destroy these jobs!” 

You know what causes a lot of toddler death and injury? CARS. From now on putting your kid in a personal vehicle shall be banned and all automakers will be forced to recall their products because of how dangerous they are to children!!!! Yeah, right. 


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