Academic Mismatch

Also, complete failure of California’s public schools. But given that CA is a failed state that only exists because it’s attached parasitically to the rest of the USA, rather like what I hear of Mexico’s northernmost states, I’m not terribly surprised.

Of note:

The black-themed dorm and student center also operated exactly as one would expect, confirming their members’ belief in their own racial oppression:

“Sometimes we feel like we’re not wanted on campus,” Kashawn said, surrounded at a dinner table by several of his dorm mates, all of them nodding in agreement. “It’s usually subtle things, glances or not being invited to study groups. Little, constant aggressions.”

Of course there are “little, constant aggressions” between the SEGREGATED black students and the rest of campus. The white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Indian, and Pacific Islander racial groups don’t get their own tribal grounds on campus, do they? They’re thrown together, granting them a sense of “us students” – and they’re not daily bombarded with tribal messages focusing on their skin color above all else. Meanwhile, the college administration has “sensitively” given the black students their own accommodations, SEGREGATED THEM FROM THE COMMUNITY, and therefore established an institutional message that says: the black students are special. They are not like other students. So naturally the other students don’t treat the black students as part of their group, because the administration has made damn well sure that they AREN’T.

The vast majority of racism that remains in this country is a direct result of educational policy run by the Democratic left. They cannot allow black tribalism to expire, since their political power depends upon the liberal (mostly white, have you noticed?) elite exploiting racial minorities and the mal-educated of all races – including their own.

It’s actually a “successful” gambit, as the young women I knew in college were incensed at the callous racism of the “diversity” administration, but for some reason never thought to examine their deeply held belief that outside the Democrat fences they might find less racism rather than more. It’s like that old saw: “The reason liberal women think all men are pigs is because all liberal men really ARE pigs!”


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