Megan McArdle and I agree on something!

Via Insty: Megan wants HGTV. I have to admit, I loved all the seasons of Design Star while watching them streaming on HGTV’s website, and whenever we go on vacation to somewhere that has cable and we end up watching TV, that’s one of the stations I watch. (The other one is Animal Planet. This confluence of events occurs maybe 1/3 of the time we go on vacation.)

Admittedly, sometimes I’d look for more and wonder why nobody seems to have back seasons… but Megan’s got it spot on: they don’t DARE allow the back seasons out of their hands lest the entire channel become a laughingstock.

I would still LOVE to be able to see them, though. Netflix, are you listening?!

(P.S. happily the first handful of comments I read through were interesting and on-topic.)


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