Tools are Morally Neutral

A hammer can be a tool used for good – to build a house – or for evil – to beat someone to death. A gun can be used for self-defence and for shooting game to feed one’s family – or it can be used in drive-by gang shootings. The tool is only as moral as the use to which it is put.

The same goes for bio-engineering. There are people who question the safety of “Roundup Ready” bio-engineered grain crops; in fact, there are people who maintain that the conventionally bred modern wheat strains are not safe for human consumption! And when people are messing about with genetics, which is not fully understood, I think it does pay to be careful. Especially if you’re gene-splicing plants to produce their own pesticides (arsenic is natural, after all) or resist chemical treatment so as to make mono-cropping more profitable for the big agribusiness corporations. (Who, let it be known, also receive ridiculous government subsidies, provided by us, the taxpayers!) There’s a pretty legitimate discussion to be had about that sort of thing.

However, if you’re protesting gene-splicing beta carotene (vitamin A) into rice, in order to combat deadly nutritional deficiencies in third world countries… well, let’s just say that your priorities need a major overhaul. Forget golden rice and use all those international dollars to go protest Monsanto or something.

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