Heteropatriarchal victory

A curious result of a certain type of “higher” education is that the women subjecting themselves to it very quickly develop a worldview that makes normal people wonder “What kind of crack are they smoking? That’s some baaaaaaaaaad stuff there. Maybe you should stop sniffing glue, honey.”

Case in point: feminists claim that voluntarily reducing yourself to nothing more than a sex object is somehow “empowering” to women, so shut up, haters. As if criticism is somehow the source of all ills in their lives and being showered with acceptance and encouragement of their sex-object-dom would magically make their worlds full of sparkles and rainbows instead of hangovers and regrets.

No, actually, reducing yourself to a sex object is only “empowering” to the kind of man who thinks women are just blow-up dolls with pulses. Nothing says “empowerment” like shouting “use me for your own sexual gratification, baby!”

Oh, wait. Maybe not. Funny how real-world consequences never seem to make it into the pop-culture paens to meaningless promiscuity. I mean, when was the last time some hot young 20-something singer sang lyrics like “I’m headed to the clinic for my sixth abortion, hope these pills will help my herpes and I haven’t caught antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea this time! I’ll be a crying wreck all week drinking myself to sleep but next Friday night I’ll do it all again!” to their teenage fans?

Someone really ought to remind the feminists that every one-night-stand any woman has is automatically a victory for the dreaded Patriarchal Male Oppressors. It’s quite honestly a brilliant plan on their part… the very women who claim to be defending women are actually doing the work of the Heteronormative Patriarchal Oppressors! And then when anyone dares to criticize a woman who has turned herself into a sex object whose major purpose in life is to please all the base desires of uncouth men, the people who think “women shouldn’t be sex objects” get labeled oppressive harassers! It’s pure genius!


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