Crazies and Social Acceptance Thereof

Blogger esr notices a reasonable argument made in the National Review with regards to the latest media-popularized case of a Batshit Crazy Person pleading for enablers.

I’m not going to argue that people who feel that they were born into the “wrong body” are insane. That’s sufficiently obvious, especially since persons arguing the other side start making quibbling semantic arguments over exactly what “insane” means. If you feel that your arm is on fire, when objectively your arm is not on fire, there is something wrong with you. And asking other people to treat you as if your arm were on fire simply to make you feel better about yourself is utterly ludicrous.

Here’s the thing: I can recognize the existence of someone’s subjective feelings as fact – i.e., Bradley feels that he ought to be “she” – while simultaneously pointing out that that feeling bears no point of congruity to reality, i.e. Bradley is Batshit Crazy. A big part of being loony is that your subjective feelings don’t match up to reality, after all. Cue joke about the crazy guy who believes he’s dead, gets pricked by the doctor, and shouts “By gum, dead people do bleed after all!”

No, what I’d like to point out with this whole “transsexual” thing is that not only is it a species of insanity, but that encouraging it in those unfortunates who are afflicted is not a good thing to do. Let us lay aside the issue of whether or not enabling observable falsehood in another does moral harm to the crazy person – what about the rest of society? Is it true that going along with the adorably crazy guy who thinks he’s a woman does no harm to others?

I would argue that it DOES do harm to others. Consider the issue. The transgendered (crazy) individual believes – and remember, I am granting that it is a sincere belief – that he is really a she and desperately desires for the rest of society to recognize him as a female. Not being recognized as a female causes the Batshit Crazy person to feel negative emotions.

But here’s the rub. If The Powers On High decide to force – by law – all others to treat the crazy person as a female (in the face of the reality that he is not), is that action without harm? What about the feelings of all the other people? Because they are sane, do their feelings somehow not count, and only the crazy person’s feelings count? Sexually segregated spaces exist for a reason, and breaking that taboo causes negative emotions in normal people. Are the negative emotions of normal women and girls, forced to share bathroom space with a man in drag by government fiat against “discrimination,” a reasonable price to pay just to alleviate one portion of a crazy person’s negative emotions? Why must everyone else suffer simply to make reality a little less onerous for some poor soul who can’t handle reality? Why must all of society be roped into the deluded person’s insanity? Because that’s what the “transgendered” are demanding: that all others join them in their insanity.

So, not being born a woman makes Bradley unhappy. Well, news flash: reality doesn’t bend to the wishes of mere mortal humans. No matter how badly I wish to have been born with a supermodel’s body, no matter how sincere and desperate that desire, if I were to engage in a regimen of medical mutilation via plastic surgery, people would say “that chick is crazy!” And if I demanded that people treat me, if I dress up as a supermodel, as if I were actually a supermodel and not an ordinary slightly overweight short woman, they would label me Batshit Crazy, and for good reason. That the reality of my existence doesn’t match my personal ideal of desirability occasionally causes me to be sad doesn’t give me an excuse to mutilate myself or to demand that others treat me as something I’m not.

That doesn’t mean that the crazy people ought to be harassed or abused. Now, being the butt of jokes is something that is uncomfortable, but if you’re going to be a social human, you’re going to be the butt of jokes, so grow a thick skin. If someone takes delight in malicious verbal abuse of you, get yourself out of having to associate with that person – and believe me, normal sane people can be verbally abused just as much as crazy men who think they’re women can be verbally abused. We all have mental weaknesses. Sane and insane people alike can be beaten by thugs, for crappy reasons or no reason at all. I support efforts to make beating on crazy people a greater social stigma than random violence like mere mugging for cash – after all, beating up on the disabled is even less honorable than beating up on a normal person. The very real difficulties faced by Crazy People in life means that they deserve pity from others who are not crazy. However, pitying them doesn’t mean you have to enable the crazy!

And to those who are in the grip of the delusion that they are the wrong sex… I know that no amount of reason or logic can break the grip of madness. Otherwise it wouldn’t be madness. But consider the sheer arrogance of the claim: you, who have from the moment of your conception been one sex or the other, somehow “know” that you “ought” to be the other sex? It is to laugh. Sex is an innate characteristic that affects a person’s development from before birth! No woman can do more than dimly imagine what it’s like to be a man, and no man could ever imagine what it’s like to be a woman. A man claiming to be mentally a woman is committing a deep offence against womankind – you cannot DREAM of what it is like to be a woman, you idiot! One might wish to take on aspects of the other sex, but no amount of medical therapies and fevered imaginings could ever replace – or erase – the effects of years of complex hormonal development. You can try your best – live for years as a woman – but no matter how well you might be able to fool others, in reality you are playing pretend, and no amount of pretense is going to make reality any different.

As far as “what to do about it” – well, I would say, let the crazy people seek out unethical medical practitioners to mutilate themselves without government interference – but then let them understand that the negative effects of their delusions also fall upon them without government interference. All this nonsense about legally changing birth certificates to reflect madmen’s disordered desires needs to stop; and if a community is uncomfortable with men in drag using the women’s restrooms, let that community’s institutions ban him (as they ban all other males!) from the women’s restrooms. He may use the men’s, no doubt to the discomfort of both himself and all the normal men. And vice versa, for the few women who are so affected by such madness. There is no need for society to go out of its way to accommodate the demands of the insane: why should they get to dictate to everyone else, and demand that everyone else bear the cost of their madness? If your mental illness causes you discomfort when you are placed into your biologically appropriate group – well, that doesn’t give you the right to make many others uncomfortable by demanding that a special permission be given to you to willfully flaunt society’s rules. But that is exactly what is happening in our society. Do not be surprised that whining until the government passes a law that everyone must love you and obey your whims results in only grudging action and a great deal of ill-feeling directed against you.


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