The tendency of people to act as a group – even when they’re complete strangers not in any kind of verbal communication with each other – is something noticed by retail worker-bees everywhere. Everyone always wants to check out all at the same time. It’s positively spooky, especially since one knows that everyone would prefer to not have to stand in line… and yet, there they all are, waiting in line, when the few outliers who finished shopping five minutes earlier breezed right on through.

Synchronicity doesn’t happen that often in the blog world, probably because we’re all reading each other’s posts, or at least the headlines, and thus there is a causal relationship between a post on one blog and a link on another. I suppose this behavior pattern can tend to lead to a “bubble” – but simply choosing a few high-quality aggregators can ameliorate that. (I don’t actually read Drudge, ironically. Most “news” is utter crap and I really can’t be bothered even reading the headlines for crap, though I have enjoyed Althouse’s analysis of his photo placement choices before. If anything important happens it will appear on Insty at the very least, I’m sure.)

Thus apparent synchonicity is all the more interesting when it appears. Perhaps there is some unifying cause out there that I simply haven’t noticed; but having read Dalrock’s August 10th post on female intrasexual competition – in which keeping your man forms an important status marker for women to achieve in order to raise their status against other womenStacy’s August 13th link to a 2006 piece was quite fascinating. “Germain’s Daughters” are a real-world example of what happens to some women who follow the Feminist Roadmap To Success – casual sex and career uber alles – and become quite literally physically ill with unhappiness. Pursuing happiness in the way that feminism has taught them (ie, pursue life as if you were a man) has lead these outwardly successful women into a pit of depression because it has caused them to forfeit, unwillingly and unwittingly, their own most precious and primal desires.

As the trend of delayed marriage continues – and the lucky few careerist women who can find sufficiently attractive men willing to commit to marriage in a climate of as much free sex as they want become even fewer – I suspect more and more women will find out too late that the happiness feminism promised them was nothing more than a fantasy. Reality cannot be overcome by wishful thinking – human nature is not mutable. Biology is not impressed by ideology.

Therefore, to be happy, one would do well to study the ancients who studied reality, and not the feel-good self-esteem gurus and feminists of the modern age who promote a dream-world, and who have presided over a continual slump in women’s happiness even as modern technology and social mores have given women more freedom from harsh reality than ever before.

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