Intellectual Combat and Game

A post by Martel (referencing an earlier post by Vox, but Martel made me think so he gets linkage credit!) got me thinking about my own relationship, and one of the most poisonous modern cliches out there: “The woman is always right.”

Intellectually gifted women will naturally seek out men who are more intellectually gifted than they are.

However, the natural result of this is that he’s always right.

Now, this is the real world, so generalizations don’t cover all the bases: he needs me to give him a hand when he’s tired and not functioning well. I can catch things that slip by him sometimes. (I have more time to read than he does, so I screen the “good stuff” out for him to enjoy.) My intelligence is useful in our relationship.

He’s still always right.

But “the woman is always right” is so deeply embedded in our culture that when I say this in public, people don’t even know how to respond. They can’t believe I’m serious. I’m dead serious. He’s always right.

Ladies, if you can’t admit that your man is right and you were wrong… you have a problem. How can you respect a man if you believe that the man is always wrong? Obviously, you can’t. And lack of respect on your part is going to pose a significant threat to your relationship. Fight back against the lies of pop culture, and don’t be afraid to admit that your man is always right!


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