Libertarians as Useful Idiots for Leftism

One of the reasons I tend not to respect social libertarians very much on some of their ideas is that they have this idea that making everything legal will somehow magically solve all problems in whatever segment of society they’re talking about at the time. War on Drugs a mistake? (I agree with this, btw – it is a mistake.) The solution: make all drugs legal! …. Somehow, I suspect making all kinds of addictive and cognitive-impairing substances legal is not going to magically solve all of society’s problems with drug use. It’s just going to shift the costs from one group to another. But the legalization libertarian crowd seems never to get around to addressing that inconvenient fact, and they really don’t want to talk about the next step, which is “omg, now all these drug suppliers are legal, we need some regulations to make sure they’re not selling on school grounds to children!!!” – because very few people actually believe that young children should be allowed to ingest mind-altering substances at will, and even if the libertarians get their legalization dream, the rest of society will never stand for kids legally getting high off the crystal meth that their classmate sold them. Goodbye, blanket illegality; hello, labyrinthine regulation scheme full of new work for government bureaucrats and same-old intrusive police investigation.

The same “blinkered” attitude holds when libertarians insist that making prostitution legal will somehow magically make the sex trade all fluffy bunnies and rainbows. They never, ever, ever back up this assertion with any facts – it’s always “this atrocity would never have occurred if prostitution were legal!” Oh yeah? Can you prove it? There are places where prostitution IS legal, so you’d think there would be some evidence, even of the kind academia produces for how pedophilia really isn’t all that bad for children (studies authored by pedophiles, of course). The one time I ever saw anyone bring up an actual place where prostitution was legal, however, was evidence for the OTHER side: a commenter on a thread somewhere mentioned that ever since prostitution became legal in Amsterdam, they’ve had one hell of a problem with sex slave trafficking. The “libertarian” response? “Well of course we would need government regulations to prevent that! What did you think, that we were just going to legalize it and walk away?” Well, yes, actually, because you’re a libertarian; but apparently on social-taboo-enshrined-in-law issues, “libertarians” want to strike down the ban and then erect a convoluted regulation scheme full of new government jobs in order to manage the newly legal industry of drug sellers and sex traffickers.

Now, the enforcement of certain social-taboo laws might need a stern look-over: the War on Drugs and the militarized police force is one example. However, the way to fix those problems is not likely to be found in legalization (and, concomitantly, moralization) of behavior that is destructive to the very fabric of functioning Western civilization!


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