Having found certain fantasty/sci-fi writers’ blogs an interesting place to hang out on the internet, I find myself trying to analyze some of the works I’m reading for fun – break them down a bit, see how they work or don’t work. Currently I’ve been reading fanfiction, and the last couple have been kind of AU-types of fanfic, where the author has taken the premise of the original work and “tweaked” it somehow.

Thus my first rule of writing: do not attempt to worldbuild in dialogue. It SUCKS. Nobody talks like that, people. It’s pointless trivia half the time too! Fanfic authors need editors, not just betas! But then they’d be professionals and not fanfic authors. For the parts that are necessary to get across early, I with authors would find some way of embedding the knowledge in a scene, maybe in some narration of some sort therein, but not not NOT in dialogue. Grr. No pro author I know of does infodump dialogue, and FOR GOOD REASON.

I apparently have a new pet peeve. Haha.


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