Behavior not recommended

Insty links an article in which a California slut has a wild night with two guys… but then somehow her boyfriend finds out that she’s sleeping around on him, so she makes up a story about being raped. But, as it turns out, there’s video evidence that the skank is lying! Didn’t save one of her one-night-stands from a brutal beating at the hands of the cuckolded boyfriend, though.

So whenever some idiot who blathers on about how “false rape accusations are very very rare” and “what woman would DO such a thing as make a false rape accusation?!?” please remember that (a) it’s not the early 1900s anymore and rape victims, instead of suffering public shame, now almost universally gain fame and public support for coming forward, and (b) if the woman has a boyfriend and is accusing a different man, it’s very likely that she got caught cheating on her bf and is trying to save face (the fact that the other guy’s life will be pretty much literally destroyed probably hasn’t occurred to her, in this scenario). The third reason a certain kind of woman commonly makes false rape accusations is to get revenge on previous boyfriends.

So, if you’re a guy: don’t date batshit crazy, and seriously consider videotaping your sexual encounters if you’re going to take the risks of promiscuity. The more “hot and wild” the encounter is, the more important it is for you to tape it, because women would much rather be seen as the saintly rape victim who can do no wrong than as the kind of slut who will happily do multiple men at a time.


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