If Colleges REALLY believed in diversity…

for the purpose of breaking stereotypical thinking of white people (why white people in particular get singled out for psychological reprogramming is an issue somebody ought to be addressing: do black people not stereotype white people or hispanic people? I think that they do), then colleges would not then turn around and form racially segregated student groups.

For example: at my alma mater, black students were encouraged to segregate into a designated all-black dorm hall, thus ensuring race-based tribal insularity and destroying many opportunities for black and white students to be roomed together. (As a member of the ROTC, our dorm rooms WERE racially mixed – and this produced cultural learning opportunities for both the black and the white students. “You wash your hair EVERY DAY?! O_O” for example.) In addition, the college required all “students of color” to participate in the Celebrate Black People From Africa! festivities, an action that consisted of conscripting everyone who wasn’t lily-white or Asian to put on the show, regardless of their actual ethnic background or cultural upbringing. The latte-skinned girl raised by adoptive white parents (and who identified with their culture, for the most part, and DEFINITIVELY rejected being lumped into “black culture” due to the color of her skin) and the Puerto Rican (“I’M HISPANIC, YOU IDIOTS!”) were two young women who were particularly incensed by this blatantly racist move on the part of the administration (failure to participate in the Festival of Blackness resulted in being assigned an essay and Official Displeasure). There were no corresponding duties or responsibilities ever demanded from the white students: we weren’t even required to attend the Generic Black African Culture Festival. There wasn’t a Generic Asian Festival either. The ROTC students did attend, since we were all kinda pissed that our classmates were being discriminated against by being forced to take part in someone else’s idea of Blackness. We showed up for purposes of solidarity. I didn’t pay much attention to the proceedings because it was very clear from all my “colored” friends that this event was being put on for the sake of the Diversity Director’s ego, not out of any concern for the students.

So yeah. No doubt there are pockets of Actual Bona Fide Racists(TM) out there, but a lot of racism is, in fact, created by the very “diversity” programs colleges like to engage in. And at least at my college, the recruitment of a racially diverse student body led to… racially segregated student clubs and racially segregated housing. This kind of stupidity, folks, is the kind one can only achieve after a great deal of Higher Education.


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