Sexual Abuse in Juvie

“When you have an extreme power differential and absolute unchecked power, bad things start happening,” Stannow said. “When you combine this with a culture where sex abuse […] isn’t taken seriously, then you have the perfect set-up for […] with all this power to get away with it.”

So, juvenile detention is one place where “Rape Culture” actually does exist – among some of the most vulnerable youth in existence. Pop quiz: who’re the perps?

It’s the women. 

Pubescent boys need to be taught that it’s NOT OKAY for an older woman to be coming on to them, ESPECIALLY if she has any kind of authority over him (like public school teachers, whose sexual romps among their students get much less press time than the Catholic clergy scandal), and people need to take this kind of exploitative sexual abuse seriously. 

If you need to hammer home to a dismissive teen just how serious a matter it is – tell him that even if the woman is CONVICTED IN COURT of statutory rape (!), the courts will still order him to pay his abuser child support if she chooses to have his baby (and will refuse to give him and his parents custody, leaving his child in the hands of a woman who has been convicted of sex crime against a minor). Ask him if his pride is worth being enslaved for eighteen years to a sexual predator.


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