Don’t Listen to Your Heart

Over at Alpha Game, Vox points out that Susan’s advice to women looking for a good relationship is sound (“Reject any potential partner who has cultivated a habit of engaging in casual sex.”), but that in practice, women are going to have a very hard time following it.

This is true – to a certain extent. Women have been lied to by the culture for a long time – told to “follow your feelings” and “listen to your heart” and “do what feels right” – ladies, this is the female equivalent of THINKING WITH YOUR PENIS.

Take every hilarious tale of some hapless dude screwing up is life because he was thinking with his genitals instead of his brain, and apply those lessons to yourself, every time you “listen to your heart” (think with your ‘gina) instead of your head. Because your treacherous feeeeeelings are going to be telling you that the Studmuffin is Hawt and Sexah and you should sleep with him… and this is not going to lead to a Disney Romantic Happily Ever After for you, it’s going to end up with you pump-and-dumped and/or alone and pregnant. With incurable STDs.

Remember, Reality Doesn’t Care if your intentions are pure. It will squash your hopes and dreams like a bug. If you’re looking for a lifelong relationship, you definitely have to consider your feelings of sexual attraction, but MAKE DECISIONS WITH YOUR BRAINS and not what’s between your legs. No matter how many other people tell you to “follow your heart.” You should consult it, but not let it lead you.


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