Yes, discrimination IS the point

Althouse asks, “What is the point of this? To facilitate political discrimination?


Several times I have read articles by conservative bloggers, who work with conservative organizations, pointing out that the lifecycle of conservative organizations always ends with the organization becoming liberal. They diagnose the problem as such: conservatives are willing to overlook political ideology disagreements in the interest of Getting Work Done. If you’re competent, conservatives are likely going to overlook the fact that you might not agree with them politically, and hire you anyway, because Getting Stuff Done is more important than mere politics.

This diversity of thought lasts precisely up until the liberals accrue enough seniority and authority to be part of the hiring process, at which point all new hires will be required to think in lockstep with whatever the progressivism du jour happens to be. Because liberals cannot tolerate political or ideological dissent. There is no “agree to disagree”: there is only the Herd Mind, and if you don’t toe the line, you will be GONE. The only “conservatives” remaining will be the liberals’ pet lapdogs, spouting whatever is the approved conservative caricature position at the moment. Political heretics will be hounded into the Outer Darkness with absolutely religious zeal.

Like many things in life, it’s ironic that the people who believe in things like respect for authority and public shaming and constructive peer pressure to constrain people’s behavior are also the ones who are okay with dissent – and the ones who claim to be “nonjudgmental” are the ones routinely viciously savaging anyone who so much as sticks a toe over their lines of proper behavior.


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