Historically Illiterate

The pro-abortion crowd likes to claim that if abortion were banned, as it is in other countries, a woman whose life was in immanent danger would not receive lifesaving medical care if that intervention would kill her baby as a side effect.

This is a LIE. As is so much of what the pro-abortion crowd says, it is a blatant falsehood.

Do you know when the Summa was written? No? The 13th century. The so-called Bible-thumpers have had the issue of saving the mother’s life dealt with, neatly and morally, for over seven hundred years. The most ardent pro-lifer allows for necessary medical intervention to save the mothers’ life, even at the cost of the infant’s. (Every pro-life mother I know of who’s ever mentioned having to make this choice has proclaimed that she’d have rather died than receive care that would kill her baby. Every husband has said “No, in that situation, I would command the medical personnel to save my wife, even if she protests.”)


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