Sorry, that’s not White Knighting

(Via Insty, who has his own commentary.) Rich Hailey thinks he’s a White Knight (presumably of the Manosphere Scorn type) because he has good manners, especially towards women.

Unfortunately, he seems to misunderstand that White Knighting exists in the context of “enabling women’s bad behavior” not in “traditional gender role politeness.” The hallmark of a White Knight is that no matter how cruel, abusive, stupid, immature, or downright illegal a woman’s behavior might be, he will leap to her rescue, verbally or physically. He will do his very best to uphold left-wing feminist dogma, whatever it happens to be this week, even if that means he’s spouting off PC BS that nobody with a functioning brain actually believes.

How can you tell Rich isn’t a White Knight?

He admits to the fundamental truth that the mean strength of men is higher than the mean strength of women. This is ABSOLUTELY verboten in feminist dogma – I got de-friended on Facebook for pointing that out to a college classmate of mine. (Who, BTW, thinks she deserves to have free birth control, because she chose to get a doctorate and write poetry as a career, and owes $800+ a month in student loan fees. We went to the same college; I stopped at a bachelor’s degree, and only owe $100/mo. She also thinks that any boorish behavior on the part of any individual male is proof of the Patriarchy and Rape Culture. I got tired of this constant insulting of my husband, father, and brother, so I’m not sorry she de-friended me; it was actually rather amusing, as statistics had just come out that de-friending is how liberals deal with Facebook conflict – while conservatives are far more likely to engage in debate. She couldn’t have been more Stereotypically Feminist if she tried – unless she divorces her husband to become a lesbian, of course.)


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