I got to thinking that I probably need a special tag, “Women doing stupid shit rant” or something like that. I read a lot of news and blog stories, but the ones that I feel the need to respond to are the ones where some female is pulling some stupid stunt and (more often than not) getting away with it. It’s the “getting away with it” part that I have issues with.

I mean, it’s not like humanity in general is well known for always doing the most intelligent thing in any given situation; and pulling stupid stunts isn’t at all limited to females. (“Hey guys, watch this!” famous last words, anyone?) The thing is, when males pull stupid stunts, the consequences usually follow hard and fast – whether from the laws of physics, or from social shaming.

The problem is, our modern society is structured in such a way as to insulate women from the consequences of the stupid shit they pull. Women get sentencing discounts in criminal courts, sexually-biased generosity in family court settlements, welfare programs that only they are eligible for – and now a “health care” policy that shifts the costs of women’s higher use of health care services onto men – all the modern institutions are set up to make women’s lives easier and more carefree. Pull some stupid stunt that’ll have negative consequences for you down the road? No problem, the government is here to help – if you’re a woman. That’s compounded by a social atmosphere in which women’s ideas and feelings are privileged far above those of men – ever see a woman get canned from her job because she said something sexist and offensive towards men? It happens the other way around all the time. But women get a free pass, to the extent that if a woman does get fired, it’s Big News!

Part of it is simply the differences between the sexes. Women form advocacy groups far more readily than men do, and in much larger numbers. “The sisterhood” has always existed. But it’s not until lately that women had the political and social power that they do now – and under the false flag of “equality” for women, women have come to reign supreme, insulated by their political sway and social dominance from the natural consequences of their actions. Now, it’s not a perfect insulation – single motherhood and poverty going hand-in-hand is one of those “Gods of the Copybook Headings” laws that not even concerted government effort can eradicate – and women are viciously competitive with each other at times as well. But that’s not always a good thing – just like a passel of young guys competing with each other, the one-up-womanship can take off in bad directions. (Most of the social pressures that women say make them unhappy are primarily founded in intra-female competition, even though it gets blamed on Sexist Males. Keeping Up With The Joneses, body image, etc. There’s a reason I won’t join Pinterest.)

So, that’s why I speak up, when I see a story about women behaving badly – to counterweight, just a little, the “You Go Grrrl” consensus and say “That was a really stupid move, dumbass.” Most males won’t do it – and those who do, won’t be listened to; so it’s up to other women to call each other accountable.

Because which is worse, really – to be “offended” by somebody, or to have the Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return? Reality can only be rejected for so long…


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