Sluts with kids

I’m sorry, but if you’re a single mom like this one, you’re not “courageous” for going it alone, you’re a spoiled brat who shouldn’t be breeding. Check out the quote by the psychologist: “I understand where the mother is coming from. The implications are that that child will feel incredibly left out if they are the only child without a dad who is going to a seminar like that.”

Yes. The child WILL feel incredibly “left out” – I suspect the more accurate term may be “bereft.” The mere existence of father-son events highlights the fact that this boy’s mother robbed him of any chance to know – and bond with – his father. This single mom can’t bear the thought that sending her boy alone (or having him not go at all) to a father-son seminar will reflect badly upon her life choices. She’s totally okay with (a) demanding to come to a male-only event, even though there’s a mother-son seminar planned as well, and (b) having her kid known throughout the school as the son of ‘that entitled bitch who got the father-son seminar cancelled.’ The fact that her child’s peers may not take well to the event’s cancellation, and take out their disappointment on her son, doesn’t stop her from demanding that she be allowed to attend an event for fathers, since to stay home and send her son alone would mean admitting that she can’t give her son everything all the other boys have, that her Grrl Power is insufficient for the basic task of Providing a Father to her child. She can’t bear to admit that Single Mothers are inadequate.

Note as well that there is apparently NO male figure in this bitch’s life who could stand in for a father and go with her son instead. No grandfather, no uncles, no friend of the “family” who can go with the boy to the father-son event. So not only has she robbed her son of his father, she’s also failed to provide any kind of father-figure to the boy whatsoever. And rather than suffer a reminder of her failure, she bitches and whines until all the boys at the school are deprived of father-son bonding events. 

Predictably, no one in the school administration has the spine to tell this woman where to shove it, and go to the media to publicly shame her for trying to deprive other students of an event simply to soothe her own wounded ego, and pull the wool over her son’s eyes for a bit more about how her poor choices are depriving him of things that legitimate children possess. Yeeeeees, having a child by yourself is going to lead to that child feeling “left out” compared to all the kids whose mothers are capable of snagging a good man to be Dad. Instead of trying to pretend that what you’ve done is just fine, perhaps you should consider before having kids solo, what your bastard children’s feelings will be when confronted with the reality that some parents aren’t incredibly selfish pricks. 

For some reason, I’ve never heard of a widow pulling this kind of bullshit. It’s always the sluts with kids, out to ruin things for everyone else so that they can claim that their choice to parent alone doesn’t deprive their kid of anything. 

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