Thoughts on Vegetarianism

As someone of the low-carb/paleo persuasion, I find vegetarians’ moral preening about not eating animals to be kind of amusing, in light of the ecological damage that mono-crop grains do. I mean, how many millions of rodents and insects are slaughtered every year during harvest, by the huge machines? How many thousands of hectares of natural habitat have been destroyed, all to farm corn, wheat, and soy?

And the veggie-heads have the ignorant arrogance to say that eating meat is bad! At least meat-eaters acknowledge with every bite that an animal died to feed them. We can respect the kill. When was the last time a sanctimonious vegetarian acknowledged the deaths of the rodents that died, helpless, in terror and in agony, for no purpose, to bring pasta to their plates?

Now, I can understand why the early settlers had to go with grain production. It’s kind of hard to manage grassland if there’s only a few of you and you can’t guard your herd against cattle rustlers, not to mention the difficulty of preserving meat if you can’t use up a whole cow at once in a world without refrigeration. However, our technology is now advanced enough that we can actually go back to nature – return the grasslands to grassland, and restore desert to fertile ground for cattle. This will require giving up grains, in favor of meats.

Which is more natural? Eating grain, or eating herbivore? Which tastes better? 😉


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