This Is Why We’re Fat

A very long article, by a female doctor, who worked in a bariatric surgery clinic no less, who doesn’t actually know how people get fat. Or how to help them.

It’s the insulin, “doctor.” Without insulin, excess energy is not stored -and locked- in fat cells. How can one control insulin? Certainly not by eating the “weight loss diet” that she lists – in full knowledge that her Celery Diet is totally futile – but by cutting out grains, sugars, and processed carbohydrates in favor of fatty natural foods – the ones that are both physiologically and psychologically satisfying. Yeeees, all that processed, packaged stuff IS crap… ever tried telling people to eat none of it and go paleo instead?

Karen Hitchcock… DO YOUR RESEARCH. Connect the dots. If you really cared about your obese patients, you wouldn’t be spouting nonsense about “lean meats” and “eat less” and “morality of obesity” – and your article about the obesity epidemic wouldn’t be full of despair.

Somebody ship this woman a copy of Fat Head!

Oh, the “why” from this blog title? It’s because the “experts” like this one, who have NO FREAKING CLUE.


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