That’s not a hard truth, that’s a cliche

Amy Alkon makes a mistake here, by saying that Mayor Michael Nutter is tackling a hard truth, when in fact, he is ignoring the hard truth completely for the 100% politically safe move of lambasting absentee fathers.

You know what the “hard truth” in a speech would look like? Calling out the sluts and hos who are opening their legs to men they know DAMN WELL will not make good fathers to their children. Men do not control who gets knocked up. WOMEN control sex and childbearing. Those feral black teens out there? Are there because their MOTHERS made terrible choices. That is the hard truth. There would be a lot fewer “deadbeat dads” if women would stop slutting it up with the bad boys and start controlling their sexual desires. Hell, they wouldn’t even need to do that if they’d just bother using birth control!

So yeah, a real courageous speech would go after all those babymommas who are sleeping around and having kids by multiple fathers. Tell THEM to start controlling themselves first! Pour the shame on unmarried mothers who are the real cause of societal breakdown in the black community (and not the men who are gonna take advantage of the free sex no matter what anyone says about them; I mean, many of them are already social outcast jailbirds anyway, you think a righteous scolding is gonna do shit?) and maybe we’d see some actual improvement. As long as the unmarried mothers are escaping blame, there’s gonna be feral teens running wild.


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