“Impaired Consent”

In a recent article, I made the mistake of reading a few comments, and ran across a Typical Idiot Feminist, who proclaimed “perhaps if a woman is too intoxicated by anything a man should just not go there… after all impaired consent isn’t real consent…”

Oh really? *breaks out flamethrower* Warning, cussing ahead!

First, let’s set out what situation this airheaded bimbo is talking about: she’s NOT talking about a woman who is passed-out drunk or totally insensible or incapable of communicating. I agree that if a woman is so drunk that she isn’t physically capable of communicating her wishes, then yes, “a man should just not go there.” That’s not the situation here. The situation “jounetsu” is claiming is that the slut has imbibed enough alcohol/other recreational drugs that her inhibitions are lowered, and she gives consent to sex to a guy she wasn’t planning to fuck/regretted banging in the morning. Her judgment was impaired to the point where she did something drunk that she wouldn’t have done sober.

Hello….. how the hell is a guy supposed to know that a woman has crossed some magical line from “slightly tipsy but yes still means yes” to “oh no, she’s too drunk, her consent means nothing, tuck her into bed as if she were a good little girl”? Because that’s what this retard is expecting from men – that they will act – in an extremely paternal and infantilizing manner – towards adult women. She is placing ALL the burden of decision-making on him, as if he were some kind of parent whose responsibility it is to make sure little Tipsy Jane Doe doesn’t drink too much or come onto him too strongly, and pack her off home alone if she starts misbehaving. Uh, WHAT? How the hell is a guy supposed to be able to tell if a woman who’s acting all flirty and into him is planning to be a cocktease all night and leave the bar alone, or if she “means it” and really, really, honestly, scout’s honor, wants a romp in his sheets? Guys are supposed to magically be telepathic about a woman’s intentions to the point where it’s ON HIM to make a judgement call about whether a drunk woman has had one too many and her consent isn’t valid? What. The. Fuck.

That is disgusting. Oh yes, it is. If you want women to be patronized and their decisions – their decisions, about their bodies – overridden by a man, hand in your feminist card ladeez, because what you are asking for is the REAL FUCKING PATRIARCHY. So either ditch this “impaired consent isn’t real consent” bullshit or admit that you don’t want to be “equal” to men – you want men to make your decisions for you, and have the right to complain about it and blame them afterwards if you aren’t happy with the outcome. Instead of understanding that if your judgment was impaired by something you chose to imbibe, and, while under the influence, you chose to do some things you regretted later, when you were sober…. IT WAS STILL YOU DOING THE DECISION-MAKING. Therefore your regret is SOLELY your responsibility, and the solution to that problem is “don’t get so drunk, you idiot.” That goes for the pictures of you dancing topless on top of the bar that got posted to Facebook AND one-night-stand with the guy who was a lot more attractive while you were drunk than in the morning when you were hungover.

I swear, anyone who thinks like that ought to be whipped through the streets stark naked and then forced to wear a burqa for a year as an example to others. “Impaired consent”… who in this situation has the authority to make that call?? Obviously not the drunk woman since it’s HER JUDGMENT that is impaired! That’s lunacy. Any time a woman wants to get out of the consequences of her actions, she can claim “impaired consent” and get out of responsibility? Try that in court to excuse any kind of criminal behavior, little girl. It certainly doesn’t work for drunk drivers. “Oh officer, I’m drunk, so I didn’t really consent to drive this car! My judgment is impaired so it’s not my fault I chose to get behind the wheel! I would never make such a bad decision if I were sober! Obviously it must be someone else’s fault, they let me make such a terrible choice!”

If your judgment is impaired by any action, which you knowingly took, then no, your “impaired consent” is just as REAL as your “sober consent.” You knew what the consequences could be, and went through with it anyway. No take-backsies, not in this situation, “ladies.”


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