Double Standards

So apparently grossly overweight women are supposed to be able to catch the attention of hot male models?

Yeah, right, honey. How much did you have to pay him to do that?

And no, posing your fat self next to somebody who isn’t fat… just makes the case that Abercrombie & Fitch are right not to stock your sizes, because you don’t look “cool” – you look unhealthy.

LMAO over Reynold’s pointing out that if you really believed fat was attractive… you’d be posing with a guy as fat as you are and not a guy with sculpted muscles and sixpack abs! Liar, liar, pants on fire…

You wanna stop being disgustingly overweight? Stop eating anything with grains in it, stop eating anything with added sugars, stop eating any processed food labeled “low fat” (but I repeat myself), ditch your profoundly unnatural vegetarian/vegan diet, and go low-carb/high-fat/paleo. I have some sympathy for fat women – all the dietary “authorities” are lying their asses off about what makes people fat, and giving out all the wrong advice – but anyone with such a visibly large problem needs to take personal responsibility, recognize that everything she’s tried has been a failure, and go Do The Research for herself. No, your fat is not attractive; neither is lying to yourself and everyone else. Why not stop trying to change other people (doomed to failure) and focus on the one thing you CAN change – yourself!


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