How about “don’t whine if you’re not gonna fix it”

More linkage to Athol, who’s actually embedding a video (go watch):

So here’s the thing. Women. Men are not like us. They like to fix things. In fact, one of their favorite ways to show affection is to Fix A Problem For You.

This can lead to problems, because women like to complain. Let’s get real girls, and call a spade a spade – we like to whine and complain about things, and we’re not looking for solutions to be handed to us when we do. (In general. If it’s “asking for help” then it’s not complaining.)

And life is frustrating. No way around this. So, here’s a suggestion: if you’re just frustrated and wanting to vent, either go vent to your girlfriends (unless it’s frustration with your SO, in which case you should only vent to your relationship mentor, NOT the girlfriends) or make it clear to your guy that you need to let off some steam before tackling the problem again, and you just want a sympathetic ear, not a helping hand. Because sometimes when he tries to help… it just makes it worse! (“How come it’s so much easier for him?! Why can’t I do this as well! No, that is not the problem! That is not a solution because you don’t get what the problem really is! ARGH!” etc.) And if you’re expressing frustration and negative energy, he will want to help. And it makes you kind of unpleasant to be around, too. So… consider whether giving the frustration free reign will help, or hurt, your relationship, before letting it out. And no, controlling negative emotions is not some kind of psychological “repression” that will damage your spirit, ladies. It’s called “self-control.”

Now if it only weren’t so difficult… just like the rest of life! 😛


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