Using Rhetoric For Good

One of the interesting things (maybe even in the Chinese sense of the word) is that most people don’t think about things logically – rather, they respond emotionally (believing themselves to have thought it through, of course). I think everyone behaves like this to some degree; it’s just that there are these weird people out there who consider using human reason to be a more laudable goal than responding emotionally/instinctively to life. This can make communication difficult – because logic and emotion reside in two separate categories, and you can’t logic your way out of somebody else’s emotion problem. (I try to logic myself out of my own emotional problems, so far the results are only kinda so-so. I blame the hormones.)

So here’s Martel, discussing how to use rhetoric effectively. This was of high interest to me, in particular because I’d like to learn how to communicate effectively to female family members, one in particular who places a lot of significance on emotions. It’s all well and good for Vox Day to run the rhetorically-minded off his blogs with extreme prejudice, but while highly entertaining, that approach won’t work for my interpersonal relationships!


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2 Responses to Using Rhetoric For Good

  1. Martel says:

    Glad I could help. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to know.

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