Being True To Yourself

A post inspired by an anecdote from Sarah’s post, For the Children:

On the case of the husband “realizing his true orientation” three years after his child had been born. I’m glad Sarah’s gay friend set her straight on that one – because let’s imagine the situation as it more commonly occurs:

Straight man and wife have child. Three years into parenting, they’ve gone through the terrible twos – just a guess, sex life probably dried up into essentially nonexistence, relationship maintenance no longer occurring on the part of both husband and wife – and the husband meets a hot, younger, available woman. And leaves his family for her. What’s the most likely outcome?

Just because “the other woman” is a guy is no reason not to deliver Nuclear Shaming. Because, DUH, every heterosexual man’s “true orientation” is towards young nubile women, but do we praise straight dudes for divorcing their wives and destroying their families as soon as the women they meet elsewhere are more sexually attractive than their wives? That’d be exactly “true to themselves,” after all. But that’s obviously not what happens: society expects guys (and, to a much much lesser extent, women) to buckle down and keep their vows even though Spouse isn’t the hot young thing he/she used to be. So the bisexual guys ought to be held to the same standard – declaring themselves “gay now” might work as a get-out-of-adultery-and-family-destruction-free card in some circles, but they’re not doing anything differently than all the other selfish adulterers of both sexes have been doing – to varying degrees of social opprobrium – since The Beginning of Time Itself.

Guess what? If you get married, that part in the vows about “til death do us part” is you promising NOT to be true to yourself. Because everybody’s “true self” – their natural inclination – is to go get them some of that hot young booty on the side!


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