War on Women

Via Insty, yet another show of true colors from a feminist: unless you intend to live your life exactly like a man’s, you don’t deserve to have the best education. Apparently women who choose to be mothers first don’t deserve to have an elite education, since that slot could have gone to a woman devoted to The Feminist Cause! This just goes to show (yet again) that feminists are as woman-hating as the worst misogynist out there. You want to be a stay at home mother? Well TOO BAD! The Sisterhood is drafting you as a foot soldier in our Most Holy Cause of Shattering Glass Ceilings! Don’t even consider leaving the workforce to pursue your feminine dreams, or we’ll shame you! How dare you put your personal aspirations above the Feminist Imperative: Career Uber Alles?!

I’m not kidding. Here it is in the author’s own words:

I am not someone who believes that every woman should be made to feel as though they must choose between being committed to their children or committed to the sisterhood of women’s advancement. But I do consider any Harvard Law School degree obtained by a woman who then chooses not to use it in any sort of professional capacity throughout most of her life a wasted opportunity. That degree could have gone to a woman who does want to spend her entire life using it to advance the cause of women – or others in need of advancement – not simply advancing the lives of her own family at home, which is a noble cause, but not one requiring an elite degree. (emphasis mine)

So, not every woman should be vigorously shamed into abandoning her feminine desires to rear and teach her own children, just the ones who got an Ivy League education. All those women are to be shamed into the kind of high-intensity eat-your-whole-life career that every male executive will readily tell you interferes mightily with their family life. No matter what her personal desires are. It’s For The Good Of The Sisterhood! And if the woman in question wants the best education for her own personal achievement and for the advancement of her own family? No dice. This feminist Marxist demands that she abandon her own will to the will of the Feminist Collective. Because apparently the Collective is running short on worker bees capable of getting into the Ivy Leagues, don’tcha know? The good little minions are being out-competed by all these individualistic, free-spirited women who just won’t follow their marching orders! Full speed ahead into that glass ceiling, girls!

Anybody else notice that the idea that maybe, just maybe, somebody aiming at the highest ranks of the super-achievers is doing it out of personal ambition is totally absent from this woman’s mind? It’s all about “The Sisterhood” instead of what it probably is: a hell of a lot more selfish, personal ambition than someone who chooses a lower-paying career path for her entire life because her children – the next generation – are more important to her than a well-paid desk job or a cushy political appointment. Apparently advancing the cause of “women” in the abstract is more important than advancing the cause of “women” concretely instantiated in one’s own daughters.

Be very suspicious of those who love abstracts, like “the sisterhood” and “humanity.” They tend to hate individual people quite intensely, and regularly vote for other people’s money to go towards Worthy Causes For The Children. Much to be preferred are those who loathe humanity in general but love their actual neighbors, and do things like give their own income to the poor and volunteer in soup kitchens.


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