Ah, Springtime

Baby bunnies running through the back yard, robins dueling in the front, and clouds of beautiful white Bradford pear blossoms lining the street.

The street between rows of townhouses. The very large Bradford pears in front of each house.

Yup, the air is pretty much toxic. Bradford pear blossoms are best appreciated either (a) from a distance upwind; or (b) from the other side of the windows. They stink!

But the cherries are well in bloom now – the earliest pinks are probably just beginning to come off peak, and the Yoshinos and purple plums are entering peak. The ruffly pinks won’t bloom for a while yet – they’re later spring. (Kanzan, I think? Something like that.)

In woodland wildflowers, the spring beauties are out, as are the rue anemone; the cut-leaved toothwort is just about to bloom, and the Mayapples are just starting to peak out of the leaf litter, all furled tight! I haven’t checked the trout lily since last week, when only the leaves were up – oddly enough, the local park is denuded of them, while they practically carpet the little patch of woods near my house. I think deer population is probably the culprit. My patch of woods is too small, and too isolated by development, to support any herds of deer, though there are many nearby, across the roads. In my pot in the back yard, Virginia bluebells are just putting up their bud clusters; still a week or so, maybe, before they’re in bloom.


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