The Music Video

Ah, the music video: a perilous thing. Imagine you hear a song on the radio, and want to go listen to it again, so you do a little internet searching and up pops the Vevo music video for that song.

I’ve learned to be careful with those. The lyrics videos made by fans are much safer to watch (although the lyrics may well be inaccurate!).

For instance, I’ve learned to never, ever watch any music video by Pink, because if I do, I’m probably not going to like the song anymore. D: Lady Gaga is only safe if I’m in the Sociological Learning Experience in Anthropology Glasses mode.

However, there is one music video that actually made me like the song MORE after I’d seen it: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Generally I don’t like songs about pathetic losers (Bruno Mars can just STFU) but I initially found the song interesting because it encapsulates the truth about women’s behavior: all the other boys are chasing her, and she doesn’t want them – she wants the aloof guy. (Game In Pop Culture) Then I watched the video, and the song became HILARIOUS.


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