The Sisterhood is Out To Get You

One of the interesting things about the game blogs I follow is that while most of them address sociosexual interaction from the male perspective, most of them also recognize that intra-sexual competition among women is some of the most vicious, backstabbing competition out there. (In fact, at least one study I’ve heard of has shown that women check each other out more than men do – sizing up the competition!)

Imagine for a moment that you want to be reproductively successful as a woman. What’s the best way to go about doing that? Don’t hook up with a ton of men (keep your N low), don’t focus too much on higher education (the more education you have, the smaller your potential pool of attractive males is and the fiercer the competition for them), definitely don’t become a “career” woman (or you risk your biological clock running out while you’re “married” to your job), learn housekeeping skills, present yourself in a feminine way physically (aka, on the slender side of normal BMI, long hair, wear makeup and flattering clothes) and socially (cultivate a gentle spirit; be positive and polite).

This is what you should do if you want to be a successful part of the great stream of human generations: find as good a man as you can get by making yourself attractive to good men, choose well, have children, raise them together. If you want this – and considering it’s pretty much programmed into all living things to want to reproduce, most women do – the very LAST thing you should do is take advice from bitter, man-hating feminists. Especially the ones who think that “making yourself attractive to a good man” is sexisssst!

The Sisterhood is out to get you, one way or another. Either those other women are trying to out-compete you for that desirable man… or they’ve bombed out and want to take as many of their “sisters” down with them as they can! Treat advice from any woman who’s not happily married as if it were a potentially live grenade. (Unless it’s “advice about how to spot an abusive cad” from a woman with a history of choosing poorly. That you can probably use: any man that she likes, stay far away from.)


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