Clothing retail is not like gadget retail

As JCPenny is finding out.

Actually, I have my own tale to tell to personalize the data – I used to shop at JCP over any of the other stores, because I could usually find some decent style clothes and good prices there. But as part of making JCP feel more like an Apple store, they’ve cut down on the clutter (which might be a plus) by getting rid of lots of things (which is a real negative!) so that I probably won’t bother shopping there anymore. At all. Despite the fact that I do like seeing the Real Price displayed prominently (but that’s just cause I’m weird like that). Ironically, the last time I went to shop at JCP, I did score – a nice pair of boots that was on clearance!

But it was too late: I’d already decided to switch my real department store clothes shopping to Macy’s. Now to get myself on their email lists…. 😉


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