Well, duh, music appreciation is learned

Study finds: appreciating music is a learned trait!

Oh, gee, I never would have guessed that the VAST DIFFERENCES between different cultures’ musical styles meant that love of certain musical harmonies are LEARNED rather than some innate instinctual response to certain physical vibrations’ frequencies! Quick, bring me my fainting couch!!

Nobody does dumb like scientists. And they get paid to do it. If only I could get paid for asking stupid questions too! (Seriously. Who paid for this, and why aren’t they working on a cure for cancer instead?)

I mean, really. They have art and music classes in colleges, for crying out loud! Institutions of learningYou’d think one of the aforementioned institutions wouldn’t see any need to “scientifically study” whether music appreciation is learned. Surely their students’ performance in class would be sufficient. 😛


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