Violation of Natural Law Has Consequences

I hold that a child has an unalienable right – a natural right – to the possession of BOTH its biological parents. That means that the use of sperm donation is automatically suspect, and the use of sperm banks in order to conceive children between strangers who have never met is a terrible moral wrong.

The thing about breaking moral law is that there are consequences, just as there are consequences for not respecting physical laws (like “jump off a skyscraper and die”); moral lawbreaking usually involves consequences that happen far, far downstream of the initial event, which is why the traditions of one’s ancestors ought to be respected, because sometimes it takes a couple generations for the consequences to rear their ugly heads.

Via Insty, a “Dear Abby” from a man who found out – too late – that he’d married his half-sister and had three children with her. You know what I find particularly despicable about the situation? Let’s ignore the lesbians who thought it would be just fine and dandy to deny their children their natural right to have a father (oops!) – Emily Yoffe thinks the best course of action is to LIE TO THE CHILDREN. As in, not tell them that their parents are half-siblings. You don’t think that maybe the kids in question might consider that an important thing to know? That they might not be harmed by having a critical piece of family history withheld from them? Hell, MY in-laws have rare hereditary conditions that pop up in the extended family and have only been diagnosed properly after extended sleuthing on the part of the family members – NOT the doctors – and they didn’t go around marrying close relatives, either! You think those children don’t have the right to know their own family tree? That they might not decide it would be “prudent” to make sure to only date people of extremely different genetic stock to make sure that recessive defects won’t pop up down the line in THEIR children? Oh no, better to lie to them so that they won’t even have the choice….

“I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.” Exodus 20:5. I’ve always considered this not so much that God intervenes specifically to make sure life is terrible for four generations of people descended from unbelievers – rather, it’s a natural consequence of setting yourself up against God and willfully breaking His law. Consider this: if God created all things, with particular natural laws, patterns, and the rule of cause-and-effect, and then gave human beings the blueprints for how to make the universe-machinery “work” properly… and then somebody deliberately goes out and throws sand, grit, and monkey wrenches into the gears of his life… then DUH things are going to suck, and the results are going to have consequences that keep reverberating and piling up in the future! Right here we have the case of generations of people all negatively impacted by the sins of their (grand)parents. Move over, West Virginians… you know who marries their half-siblings nowadays? The children of lesbians! Har har har!

Yeah, not so funny when it’s real people getting whammied out of the blue, is it?

So, my advice to people whose parents stole their heritage: make sure you find out as much as you can about your “sperm (or egg) donor” i.e. your biological parents. Because you may well have double-digit numbers of half-siblings out there, and given the cultural segregation practiced by the demographics most likely to use artificial methods to conceive,  there’s a good chance you’re going to be running into a lot of them without realizing it during the course of your life.

Also, the Catholics totally told you so. They saw trainwrecks like this coming decades ago, which is why I respect their dogma even where I disagree with it.


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