Reality ISN’T FAIR

A great post by Athol Kay about The Truth of Relationships: that no matter how “equal” your feminist ideology wants you to make you relationship, when the shit hits the fan, BIOLOGY RULES THE DAY. And Biology says: The Man Is The Leader.

Oddly enough, for people who think religion (most of the time meaning Christianity, of course) is total BS, it just so happens that this is one of those Real Life Things that The Bible has been telling us about for the past two millennia or so. Whether you think it’s because of accumulated wisdom or divine revelation, you’d do well to heed its message.

I do feel a tiny bit sorry for all the feminist guys out there, whose lives are pretty much guaranteed to be ruined if anything serious goes down in their marriages. They’ve bought into the original Lie about relationships… that Adam can abdicate leadership to Eve. Yeah, that didn’t turn out too well for either of them, did it?


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