Legalized Murder

RSM is keeping up with the horrific story of a woman who was (legally) killed by complications from her attempt to abort her 8-month pregnancy.

Now, I have a reading assignment for you: read RSM’s post. Now, without reading any of the comments, please answer the following question: what do you think RSM’s opinion of Jennifer is? Would you categorize the blog post as drawing more negative attention to Jennifer, or to the “doctor” whose actions (and inaction) killed her? Does RSM express any sympathy or shared grief over these deaths, or is he callous toward the suffering?

Now read the comments. Note the many comments by people screeching “You can’t judge her!!!!” Ladies and gentlemen, talking about this situation as RSM has done is not what “judging Jennifer” would sound like. Allow me to illustrate what “judging Jennifer” would sound like in this hypothetical reply to RSM’s post: *ahem*

That bitch deserved to die in agony for choosing to murder her own daughter! May she burn in hell for eternity, because she deserves it! Her family deserves all their grief for letting her go through with such a monstrous decision!

That is what judging sounds like, and that is nasty, mean, and unhelpful to anyone. Discussing Jennifer’s tragic death as a result of her choice to abort her daughter is not the same as judging her. Pointing out that this “doctor” has a track record of killing women who come to him for late-term abortions (aka “early infanticide”) is not judging her. Just to make it perfectly clear, while I feel sorry for this family, the brutal truth is that if Jennifer had not decided to kill her daughter at 33 weeks on the basis of a prenatal diagnosis that Madison would suffer from seizures, Jennifer would still be alive, and her family would be planning a baby shower instead of a funeral. Those are the FACTS of the matter. Whether or not you think Jennifer had the right to end her daughter Madison’s life, Jennifer’s choice resulted in her own death and the heartbreaking grief her whole family and all of her friends now suffer.

I don’t need to assign fault (“judge her”); she’s met her Maker already, and may God have mercy on her soul. Pointing out where the responsibility lies is important so that people will be able to make informed decisions (like “maybe I should give birth and give up my child for adoption because aborting at 33 weeks could kill me“). Cause and effect are objective realities and exist whether or not we like them. Remaining silent about what happened will only lead to more deaths. Is that what Jennifer would want? 


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