Kitchen Tips – Seasoning cast iron

Tip: don’t screw up your seasoning job like I did, by using waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much oil! I’m now reaping the rewards – a patchy pan in desperate need of a strip-and-reseason job. Unfortunately elbow grease and steel wool proved unequal to the task at hand, so I resorted to The Internet for seasoning wisdom.

I found Perfect Popovers, a tale of reseasoning a collectible cast iron popover pan, and an update: Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning, which had some important information about what to use to season cast iron! Unfortunately for me, I’m stuck at the “decrud” stage. I’d love, love, love to use the electrolysis technique (I have the same loathing for harsh chemicals that Sheryl apparently has for automotive electrical devices, and no problem at all dealing with the thought of a mere battery charger) but unfortunately for me I lack the necessary battery charger. I shall have to sound out my numerous local relatives to see if the older generation might possibly possess such a useful device, as they’re too expensive to buy just to fix a kitchen mistake! Otherwise I shall be cursed to use the Oven Cleaner method. Unfortunately, I think I turned in the oven cleaner I used to have at the HHW pickup at the county landfill, because my current oven is self-cleaning, and oven cleaner + self-cleaning oven = ruined oven. I didn’t want the stuff in the house!

In the meantime, well… I rubbed the pan with some olive oil to help protect the bare metal from rust, and I have plenty of other pans I can use until I can fix my cast iron one! If the weather and my schedule permit, I may just stick it in the oven on a self-cleaning cycle and see how that works out. According to Sheryl it will clean the pan… but carries the risk of warping it. My pan isn’t an heirloom by any means, so perhaps I will just risk it rather than deal with caustic lye! *shudder*


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