Oh, the irony

Abortion activists like to say that if abortions were illegal, women would be dropping like flies due to shady unsafe back-alley abortions.

Well, out here in the real world, women are killed by shady, unsafe, state-licensed abortion providers.

So is their point that it’s better to be killed by a state-licensed abortionist rather than a back-alley abortionist? ‘Cause I don’t think it matters to the dead woman.

Stories like this make me wonder just what kind of problems this woman (and others like her) have in their lives, that they would carry to term and then risk their own lives trying to abort their baby at the last minute – when giving birth would be so much safer, and the child could be immediately placed for adoption (and would be very quickly adopted, since most adoptive parents prefer infants). What must it be like to be so alone, befuddled with pregnancy hormones whose biological functions include “making you fat and stupid,” with no one you can depend on to help you make good choices? That poor woman’s last days must have been terrible. Two people died in agony, child AND mother. And it was legal. How could it possibly be better this way than if the actions that lead to both deaths were illegal?


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