Truth in Songs – What Makes You Beautiful

I’ve toyed with the idea of posting a sort-of-series about songs I hear on the radio, and picking out a lyric phrase or two and responding to it. This gives me an excuse to post something whimsical and serious! And link to YouTube. Heh.

So, today’s favorite song is What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. The cultural point I’d like to highlight from this song is that while the girl in question is highly physically attractive, she’s being praised not for her waist-to-hip ratio but for her meekness.

She’s not just hot; she’s feminine as well. And that’s what makes her beautiful.

(The conceit that any woman is unaware of her physical attributes is adorably cute; I don’t advise anyone to take it seriously, otherwise it will ruin your appreciation for the song. Also cute is the idea that saying something “in a song” will prove your opinion is the right one. LOL)


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