Adoption SNAFU

Althouse posts a story about a contested adoption; the first comment expresses sympathy for the adoptive parents, who will have to give up a two-year-old girl they’ve been caring for as their own. No doubt it is a heart-wrenching situation for them! I note several points of failure here: the biological mother’s inability to correctly fill out paperwork, for one thing. (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s merely stupid rather than deliberately lying, as often happens when a woman decides to put a child up for adoption against the will of the child’s father. Note that she gives her third child up because she’s already struggling to support two children already. Who knows where the fathers of those two children are?)

But you know what could have stopped this situation from happening in the first place? Not allowing biological fathers to give up their paternity rights by text message. Only an idiot could imagine that such a “conversation” could qualify as informed consent. And manifestly uninformed consent should never be legally binding! What a farce.


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