Virginia Taxpayers Subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment

So, here’s the story: a mentally disturbed criminal (who is imprisoned for essentially life, unless he’s one of the guys who lives to centenarian-plus) is demanding that he be given sex-reassignment surgery. By the state. And a big part of his case is “If you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to CUT MYSELF!!!”

And one of the courts, filled with less-than-intelligent legal “experts,” compare his not being given sex-reassignment surgery (to prevent him from CUTTING HIMSELF!!!!) to a genuinely physically injured person being denied medically necessary surgery because the state prison already gave him painkillers. Apparently these people are taking full advantage of the fact that it’s not a crime to murder an analogy. Or logic, for that matter.

Who’s been paying for this mentally disturbed criminal’s psychotherapy? The taxpayer. And now he’s refused to continue therapy, and instead of simply being unhappy because of his mental illness while his every physical need is met at the cost of other people who never committed any crimes (unlike himself), he’s decided that, in order to force the authorities to extract taxpayer money to GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS!!!! OR HE’LL CUT HIMSELF!!!! he’s going to engage in self-mutilation.

You know what medical intervention he has a right to? A straightjacket. I don’t think the People of Virginia have any obligation to pay for a criminal’s cosmetic surgery, now matter how mentally ill he happens to be. After all, I seem to recall that the ACLU has successfully argued that people have a right to be raving lunatics, homeless and living on the street! You don’t have the right to use your raving, self-destructive lunacy to hold yourself hostage so that the taxpayers, who have already graciously funded your therapy (and the therapist whose patient went from “mentally disturbed and unhappy about it” to “engaging in self-mutilation” needs to be FIRED), will be forced to then pay for your cosmetic surgical procedure.

Sex-reassignment surgery is not a cure for the mentally ill who feel like they’re “trapped in the wrong body.” It is, in fact, a case of the doctors who are supposed to HELP the patient’s mental health actually ENABLING the patient’s lunatic delusions. A cure would involve finding out what neurons/hormonal balance/whatever are out of whack that makes somebody feel like reality isn’t, you know, REAL. There are mentally ill people out there who honestly, truly, absolutely believe that they’re dead, while they’re walking around, quite obviously alive. If these “medical professionals” used the same logic they’re using here on those people, their recommended “treatment” would be to kill the lunatic so that reality matched his delusion!

What happens if this mentally disturbed criminal gets his way? Will he be any less mentally disturbed? No. Will his illness be cured? Not at all. Reality will still be imposing its implacable existence on him, requiring the taxpayer to fund completely unnecessary, life-long medical intervention for this criminal. Simply because the courts (informed, no doubt by “mental health professionals” the likes of which had patients like this one, who started self-mutilating while under their “care”!) that it’s a criminal’s RIGHT to have endless hormonal treatments and, now plastic surgery, on the taxpayer’s dime. Let’s see – do other, similarly mentally handicapped people get taxpayer money to indulge in their delusion? I doubt it. Free citizens have to pay for their sex-reassignment surgeries themselves. So if this criminal has some magical form of income that will allow him to fully shoulder the cost of his madness, let him have his surgery. But why should the taxpayers have their money confiscated so that this madman can have his way? THAT’s the cruelty here. The bank robber has found a way to scale up his crimes – now he’s stealing from the whole state, all from behind bars! And at least three members of the judiciary of the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals is actually ENABLING the theft!


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