Where all the Men went

Via Althouse,

A NY Times article showing where the highest concentrations of young bachelors are living.

Now, I would advise any young women choosing to seek her fortune out there to take a page out of the Wild West and expect a lot of uncouth (undomesticated) male behavior, and counter it by dressing and behaving like a Lady in the hopes of reminding the female-deprived males to be on good behavior with you. When you’re one of few females in a group of males, there’s no need for you to wear your low-cut blouse, pushup bra, and skintight jeans, you’re going to get male attention even if you wear a potato sack! If you don’t want to be propositioned in such circumstances, don’t dress like you’re easy, i.e., don’t dress like you would if you were in an urban East Coast bar competing with all those other women for male attention.


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