A Cheery Prediction

Here’s a lengthy excerpt from Phyllis Schlafly quoted on No Pasaran – and while the analysis is quite true – tying welfare benefits to unmarried mothers gave poor women a rational reason to not marry the fathers of their children – there is, quite literally, no solution to this problem. It will be solved only after American government implodes under the weight of its own obesity, and there is no more money to shovel out “for the children.” Of course, everyone else will be impoverished as well at this point, so those children (and many other poor people) unlucky enough to be trapped in inner-city ghettos are likely to starve to death. Ever watched Grave of the Fireflies?

Because, let’s face it – the only way to “fix” the incentives for bastardy in the underclass is to tie ALL welfare benefits to married couples with children. No one else gets a dime, unless it’s a widowed parent with children. That means all those “brave” single-mothers-by-choice and their bastard spawn will have to go stand in line at the soup kitchen and beg for charity for their housing. No politician on the face of the planet (okay, maybe some of the ones in Third World countries excepted) would be willing to propose a such a plan. Sluts vote, as the Democratic Party says – and they vote themselves welfare money to support their lifestyle choices, especially when choosing to accessorize their lives with bastard children by multiple fathers.

(Warning to men: if the woman who conceives your child does go on welfare, it doesn’t matter what legal agreements terminating your rights and responsibilities you and she and her lesbian ex-lover may have made, the state is going to come after you for child support. Men don’t get to have reproductive rights after conception; that’s just for women!)


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