Windows 8 is DoublePlus UnGood (link to video!)

Via The Other McCain (by Smitty, actually), an embedded hilarious animated review of Windows 8.

I don’t know if I should tell my husband. He’s already had to wrangle with our Epson printer for far too long this holiday season (experts’ advice: “Never buy Epson printers.” Outcome: bought a new printer for $30, only a few months after spending $75 on new Epson ink cartridges that were barely used) and he’s planning to rebuild his PC and install Windows 8. Thankfully he’s planning to run dual hard drives, one of which will be running Windows 7. I think he got the reinstall disc burned properly, anyway. He was having trouble with that, too.

I’m just thankful to have missed Vista. Although I’m running into enough trouble on my laptop that I’m thinking it’s about time to wipe the machine clean and reinstall the OS, which I am sooooo not looking forward to doing. I can probably procrastinate until summer just doing the photo library backups!


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