Slavery is not a thing of the past

In fact, there are currently millions of enslaved people around the globe.

I found this article interesting, although it didn’t include anything I didn’t already know about – for instance, China’s one-child policy, coupled with the selective abortions and abandonment of girls, has clearly means that sex slavery will be prevalent in Asia as Chinese families kidnap and/or buy women to be “wives” for their only sons. India is going to have this problem too, as the preference for boys is strongly rooted in that culture and sex-selective abortions are quite common there as well, although they are illegal. And Africa has never stopped being mostly utterly barbaric, so of course slavery can always be found on some part of that continent.

What I found interesting was the ignorance on display on the part of the article’s author. He seems to believe that modern civilization is somehow “responsible” for slavery – when it’s obvious to any student of history that some humans have been enslaving other humans for, oh, let’s see – all of recorded history? The other conspicuous omission was the coverage of the abolition movements – no mention of the fact that many such “social movements” were inspired by Christianity, and if not for Christianity, slavery would still be common in the West. (The ancient Greeks and Romans certainly practiced slavery, as did (and do) tribal cultures all over the world.) There’s nothing particular to any time or place about slavery – it’s as much a part of human nature as greed and anger and adultery. In fact, if you look at world history, the fact that modern Western civilization hates slavery and doesn’t tolerate it within its territory is downright abnormal and totally weird!


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