I need this on a bumper sticker

John C Wright: totalitarianism sucks

Unfortunately I have a no-bumper-sticker policy, so even though I could get it on a bumper sticker, I wouldn’t put it on my car. Also, most people who have similar bumper stickers on their cars are ignorant (or stupid) liberals, who have a documented tendency to looooove them some totalitarianism, without even realizing that’s what they love…

Related: that “coexist” sticker cracks me up every time. Anyone who owns one has proven himself a total idiot, completely and utterly ignorant of the least bit of knowledge about world religions, Islam in particular. It’s even funnier than the “I brake for fairies” and “I believe in dragons” kind of bumper sticker, because I’m pretty sure the owners of those don’t actually believe in mythical creatures!

Wright’s post is actually about something completely different (and it’s a serious topic), you should go read it. I just had to highlight one of his witty turns of phrase. 🙂


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