Heed the Warnings

There’s a reason pretty much every civilized culture under the sun came up with the idea of arranged marriages – and not just for the settling of ancestral property rights, either. Your parents aren’t likely to hook you up with Batshit Crazy (or at least if they do, you get a lot of wealth out of the deal, and as the Good Book says, money answers everything).

The pitfall of being set adrift in the courtship marketplace is that it’s ridiculously easy to be taken in by the Crazies when you’re in the middle of a dopamine-fueled infatuation. That’s why, when pondering marriage, do your best to remember that marriage is a social institution, and if everyone in your circle, AND everyone in your fiance’s circle is warning you that your SO is Batshit Crazy and going to ruin your life…. LISTEN TO THEM. It’s cheaper than the divorce. And the protection order.

Remember: there are plenty of hormones involved in relationships whose purpose is to make you happy and stupid so you don’t think better of procreating with the available person. Get outside corroboration.


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