Affordable Care Act = fewer hours for low-wage workers

In an entirely predictable move, employers are Unexpectedly! moving to staff their businesses entirely in part-time wage earners, because it’s that or go out of business and fire everyone.

Somehow I think the waitresses and such who are already working two jobs to make ends meet are not going to be too happy about having to pile a third one on their schedules after their hours get permanently cut.  All so that in theory, they have “affordable” health care. Hey, didn’t all those health care insurance premiums rise? Something about their being required to offer a bonanza of benefits not everyone wants, or even needs, but you gotta pay for it anyway ’cause the government said so. And, uh, the doctor I saw every year for my annual exam retired, so I’m kinda outta luck on the “having a doctor” front….

Which would you rather have? A guarantee on paper for health care that turns into a twenty-second visit at a medical institution that treats you like a cog in a machine (if you can get an appointment in the first place before whatever it is that you have sends you to the ER), or health care you control, because you pay for it?

I believe the appropriate Copybook Heading would be BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS.

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