Race Goggles Make You Stupid

Dave, Dave

Maybe the reason one definition of “nude” is “the color of a white person’s skin” is because ENGLISH IS A FREAKING WHITE PEOPLE LANGUAGE? Made by white people! Very white people, who come from a land notorious for its lack of sunshiny days! So when a word has two meanings, one based on the state of being unclothed, and one referring to a color, OF COURSE the color in question will refer to the color of skin of the PEOPLE WHO DEVELOPED THE LANGUAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE. That’s all it is. And if a person who is not of the same ethnic group that originated the word in the first place, wants to use it in ONE of its two meanings, stop navel-gazing along with the Marxist feminists while wearing the race goggles and reading your own emo White Guilt into the decision, please. (Also, I don’t think women of color need your pasty white ass telling them it’s okay to throw over the fashion industry. The only women who should give a flying f*** about your opinion on the matter are your female relatives and/or SO.)

If, in the multitude of languages spoken in Africa, there happens to be a word, similar to the English word “nude” in that it denotes the state of being unclothed as well as a color, then I fully expect that the color in question that it denotes will be the most common color of skin of the tribe which speaks that language. (Whether or not there is one, I have no idea, not being a linguist and knowing that English is rather… special… and most reasonable languages would probably have two separate words. Not that it stops the fashion industry from appropriating any word it feels like appropriating to describe their latest doo-dad. Whether it makes sense or not. I expect that the perfume doesn’t cause people’s clothes to fall off, or turn them pasty pale.)

Argh. This kind of dumbassery ought to be confined to the Idiot Female Ghetto part of the internet, but there’s always some misguided White Knight ready to champion the airheads, isn’t there? Nevermind it makes him come across as a pathetic loser, and kiiiinda creepy to boot.

This would be why I don’t read PJ Lifestyle very much.


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