SNAFU in the Middle East

Here’s a short and sweet article that basically sums up what’s going on in the Middle East, with a focus on how American airheads are responding: oooh, it linked itself!

Here’s How — As With This Israel-Hamas War — Western Elites Are Baffled by the Middle East

Yeah, the problem with liberals is that they profess to believe all people can be persuaded into falling into line with their utopian dreams of world peace. Uh, no. What part of ‘they raise their children to be suicide bombers in a quest to eradicate all Jews from the planet’ do these idiots not understand? What passes for Palestinian “culture” is a cancer on humanity, the ideological heir of Adolf Hitler. Literally. The whole world would be a lot better off if Israel just went “screw it!” and carpet-bombed the region into oblivion. The terrorists wouldn’t find it so easy to hide behind sympathetic “civilians” if the aforementioned collaborators knew that the West wasn’t going to tippytoe around and tie itself in knots trying to avoid collateral damage (and sometimes send ineffectual random drone strikes). It’s not like the terrorists respect the rules of Western honorable war; why should we allow them to use our own rules against us? The only peace they want is one where their enemies have been completely destroyed, down to the last child. We didn’t give the Germans a pass on that kind of behavior – why are we giving the Palestinians a pass? Because they’re really crappy at pulling it off?

Of course, then you get into the problem of all the other countries in the Middle East getting involved. There’s a solution for that, too:


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